August 29, 2009

I Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Post . . .

Before I started my day of cooking/baking I needed to eat breakfast. Since I am cooking/baking all day I didn't really want to start with cooking breakfast so Moo stepped up and made crepes for everyone.

I love the story behind this recipe. This recipe came from PE's mother. It is called Scandinavian Pancakes. This title is a compromise between PE's mother and father. She grew up calling them Swedish Pancakes and he grew up calling them Norwegian Pancakes. So when they started making them together, they named them Scandinavian Pancakes. (I think it is a cute story.) We call them crepes--simplicity.

Moo is quite the little cook/baker. She is willing to try to cook/bake anything so long as I am willing to let her. We have had a couple incidence of errors during recipe reading which resulted in too much of one ingredient or another. The more she cooks/bakes the less I feel the need to remind her, several times, to read and re-read the recipes before and during the cooking/baking process. Moo is now an expert pizza crust/breadstick maker and she cooks the crepes more than I do. She has even turned into a teacher and has let Bob help with cracking the eggs--that is all he has asked to help with. Thanks Moo, for being such a wonderful little chef and helper!

Now onto the recipe.

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from Sparky
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6 eggs
2 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
3 cups milk
2 Tbsp butter

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until thick as cream. Pour onto hot frying pan, tip pan to barely coat the bottom with batter. (Alternate - pour onto griddle with ladle and spread into a circle.) Turn with spatula when edges start browning. Heat on second side until light brown spots form. Serve with butter and sugar, jam and whipped cream, or jam, sour cream, and powdered sugar. Sugar can be omitted to make crepes for savory dishes.


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