Wish List

This is my wish list. It is just a list of items that have caught my eye and I wouldn't mind owning. This could also be considered PE's quick reference on what to get me for any gift giving occasion. If he wanted to get me something for no reason what so ever he could also use this list.

Slotted Turner
I have not used one of these; however, I have read about the advantages and think I would use it if I had it.

Mini Spatula
I use to have a couple Pampered Chef spatulas similar to this. Key words there. . .USED TO HAVE. On both of them the black handle split apart a little and the spatula part came out. Currently I have one from the dollar store. Functional yet poor quality. I would like one that will last.

More Best Recipes
I LOVE The New Best Recipe cookbook that Jabba gave me for my birthday last year. It is a great resource and a cookbook I enjoy perusing. Moo has started using it when she wants to cook something and I think her cooking has benefited. This would be a great addition.