August 8, 2009

Who Knew

Did you know you can make cornmeal from popcorn kernels? Well if you have a mill or if you know someone with a mill you can make cornmeal from popcorn kernels. How cool is that? I find it cool because I like to make mini corn dogs in mini muffin tins, taco casserole, and cornbread all of which use cornmeal. I happen to be so lucky as to have a sister that has a NutriMill grain mill and she loves me so she will so kindly grind me cornmeal from the popcorn kernels I gave her. I am so very excited to get the cornmeal. (Yes, I am that deprived of excitement in my life as to be excited by the prospect of fresh ground cornmeal.)

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Did you know you can make s'mores without a campfire? (Yes, I know many of you just uttered a collective "Duh!!") But I am sure there are some out there who thought to themselves, "Really, oo oo tell me more!" You can make s'mores in your kitchen OR with your outdoor grill.

Option 1 - Simply turn an electric burner on high or a gas burner to mid-flame, place marshmallow on a wood skewer or some other pokey utensil that has a handle not made of metal (you don't want to burn your hand by accidentally forgetting that metal gets hot when you put it over a hot burner or a flame). Heat marshmallow over burner until desired gooeyness/brownness. Proceed with s'more making as usual.

Option 2 - Place chocolate on graham cracker or simply grab a package of ever so tasty Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies. (Okay the frugal tip here would be to grab the least expensive chocolate striped graham cookies you can find but the Keebler ones are just so very tasty-as previously stated above.) Place in microwave and cook for 20-30 seconds.

Option 3 - Turn on toaster oven or oven broiler. Place chocolate on graham cracker. Top with a marshmallow. Place in toaster oven or in oven and cook until desired gooeyness/brownness. (Fudge Stripes cookies would be ever so tasty AND every so messy in this instance so I don't recommend them for the toaster oven/oven.)

Option 4 - Place marshmallow on a wood skewer or some other pokey utensil that has a handle not made of metal AND is long enough to ensure you don't get burned by flames or radiating heat from the grill. Heat marshmallow over grill flame until desired gooeyness/brownness. Proceed with s'more making as usual.


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Did you know you can make copycat versions of Heinz Ketchup, Bisquick, Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce, and many other items? You can also make your own corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and ricotta cheese? You can also make many other food and non-food items at home. Again, many of you probably just said, "Duh!!" and many of you said, "Really?!"

All of these items are quite easy to make and if you have food storage (which I do NOT) many of the items I mentioned (and many more recipes out there) can help you rotate through it. (From what I have read it seems as though that is something people with food storage like to do.) I may one day join the ranks of the food storage keepers but for now, I am content knowing that my sister expects me and my family to join her at her house if there ever is a disaster. (Yeah, yeah, I know I have to be able to get there, blah, blah, blah. She only lives 20 minutes away and if we had to walk or go some other way than on the roads it would be a shorter distance even if it wasn't a shorter time.)

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Over time I plan to share my favorite copycat and homemade alternative to store purchased recipes. If you want to request a specific recipe to be posted sooner than later, please do so.

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