September 5, 2009

A Tragic End to Thanksgiving and Christmas

We had a good go of it but sadly Thanksgiving and Christmas are no more. Now, hold up K2, I don't hate holidays that much. I am speaking of the turkeys. We have been raising turkeys to serve for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yesterday as we were outside taking care of the animals and garden, PE went to take food over to the turkeys and realized that Thanksgiving was out of the cage dead and Christmas was nowhere to be found except for a few feathers. The wire around the cage was messed up in a spot so that is how it must have happened. Some dog from the neighborhood came into our yard and killed our turkeys. Man. . . all those months of feeding and watering them. Moving them from place to place in the yard. They were starting to get big and fatten up nicely--they were going to be delicious. Oh well, next year we will try again to have a fat Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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