November 11, 2009

Top Reader Posts - November 11

While not as long as last weeks a couple of the posts could keep you occupied for hours if not days.
  1. Thrifty Decor Chick LOVES molding. She now has a How to post (with video) showing how to install molding.
  2. Chris at Just a Girl has a mini tutorial on making a Festive Feather Wreath!. I think it would be a cute decoration for a teen girl's room--hang several in different coordinating colors. It is also time for Chris's annual "I Can Make That" Party where (so far) 150 people have linked to Chris's post with homemade gift ideas. (I used a couple of the ideas from last years party for gifts last year. It was great to not have to think of the ideas myself.)
  3. Blogs such as Holly's Homebody blog make me want to spend a lot more time searching through shelves and racks at thrift stores. While she provides many links to various thrift store finds, the simplicity of her Fun With Scrabble Tiles post really grabbed me. I could totally spell holiday words (trick or treat, turkey day, happy holidays, etc.) and that could be my holiday decorating. If I really wanted to go crazy with the decorating I could put out a holiday candy dish WITH the Scrabble letters. Two holiday things. . .friends and family alike would be shocked.
  4. Melissa at 320 Sycamore posted about her Houzz Interview. What a fantastic site! (Yes, I could have just linked over and introduced you to Houzz myself; however, I had not heard about it until reading Melissa's post.)
  5. Over at Just Beachy, Chris has a post for Customizing Kitchen Drawers for Next to Nothing. I may very well try this out (shallow drawers and baskets only work for utensils up to a certain size).
  6. If you have never heard of Heather Armstrong let me tell you in many aspects she is a chic after my own heart. Her blog, Dooce is always good for a laugh, and I enjoy laughing. Her recent post where she, Featured a Community Question fit the bill for a good laugh (cute Mormon granny unable to say "sex", first date fart, and BYU graduates very good at foreplay. . .how can you NOT laugh?!).
  7. Barb at Stampin' IS My Job!!has a tutorial for making Pinwheel Cards. With very few items you could make a Holiday cards this year. In place of the stamp at the bottom of the card you could easily print the greetings.
  8. You can find a Big List of Holiday Food provided by Tiffany over at Eat at Home. While they may be her favorites maybe you can find a new favorite too.
  9. Laurie over at Tip Junkie has a post with Cheap Neighbor Gift Ideas. Just because it says "neighbor" doesn't mean that is who you have to give them to. Teachers, friends, coworkers, etc. would also be appreciate the gifts I am sure. (Side note--I prefer to use the term inexpensive in place of cheap. This is one of many Papaisms. A Papaism is an informational tidbit passed to me from my dad. The Papaism goes, "Cheap refers to quality and inexpensive refers to price." Because of this Papaism I aim to purchase inexpensive items that are not cheap. I may not always achieve what I aim for but it is a goal. I love talking about and remembering Papa but at the same time it makes me sad that he is no longer here to impart new Papaisms.)

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  1. Thank you for the shout out! Good luck with your blog~