January 13, 2010

Top Reader Posts - January 13

One month from tomorrow is Valentine's Day. In the spirit of not being a Scrooge (Does the name still apply if it isn't Christmas?) and the fact that at least half of the posts in my reader have Valentine's ideas I am going to share some of the ideas with you.
  • If you want Valentine's Decor, Michelle at Someday Crafts has a compilation of various items you can make they are all featured in her I'm In Love With Valentines!!! post. Some of the ideas could be used for making other home decor. You don't have to use heart shapes and red or pink. Switch up the shape and the color and you could use the ideas to make decor for everyday or for other holidays. (Since Michelle had such a great compilation it cut down on the number of posts I was going to mention here because her list contained several of my favorite posts.)
  • Amy at The Idea Room has a tutorial for a Valentine's Topiary. Again, you could change the colors and make it for another holiday or for no holiday at all.
  • Over at Under the Table and Dreaming, Stephanie Lynn, provides a tutorial for making A Valentine for the Birds by making birdseed hearts to hang outside.

Okay that is enough Valentine's crap for now. I am sure something else will come across that is cute and I might have to show it but for now, enough is enough.

  • If you are looking for other home decor Someday Crafts provides links to tutorials for Decor Balls. I haven't decided if they are for me but I do know I see them everywhere. There are Fabric Decor Balls and Magazine Decor Balls (these appeal to me because I have a lot of magazines floating around my house from various free subscriptions). While not a decor ball, there is all this Unique Pendant Light that I am in love with. I am not quite sure why and I don't know that I would ever make it but I just love the way it looks.
  • This Embellished Headband Tutorial is definitely something I will be showing to Moo (again, she sews, I don't). I think these would be so cute for her to make for her hair. (Aren't I the BEST mom--"Here honey, see these cute headbands? Great! You can make them for yourself.") It also gives her an option for gift giving. She could make them for her cute little friends. (I can still say cute little friends even though they are 13/14, right?) The tutorial is on Kari's blog Ucreate.

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