January 20, 2010

Top Reader Posts - January 20

  • Here are some ideas for Valentine Cards you can make with or without your kids. SweetPea at Brown Paper Packages has a tutorial for Clothespin Valentines and Amy at Living Locurto has a list of some Valentine's Day Free Printables.
  • Nichole from The Pumpkin Seed so kindly posted this Oh My... post about her home office. It really warmed my heart to see someone with an office as messy as mine. (I really doubt you would ever see me post pictures of that. Right. . .I don't post any pictures so like you were even holding your breath for that.) The office in our home is similar in that it is also my crafty crap area. It works well because I can watch Hulu on the computer in there while working on other stuff. I am in the process of cleaning up after my calendar mess.
  • I wasn't quite sure what to think of thisWhat Can You Do With Ties? post from Michelle at Someday Crafts. I can't say that I love any of the ideas but good for those who came up with all these uses for all the old neck ties in the world.
  • I really like Ana's site Knock-Off Wood. She is amazing. Each day (almost) she has plans for some piece or another from Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, or some other place. While not always my style I do happen to love this Puzzle Bookcase. No that I am ever going to get PE to build me anything I find on this site, but I can always dream and pretend. I dare you to not find something you want to dream about on her site.

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