February 21, 2010

Service Interruption

My service to you that is. . . .or not because maybe I am really doing you a disservice. Anyway, I had to send my laptop to be repaired. The hinge on the screen has been broken since September and I have just been delaying the inevitable. You know. . .I had all those recipe cards to make. Then I had the calendars to finish. And then, and then, and then I had to wipe the hard drive so there was no personal information. I finally shipped it off on Friday and I should have it back in the next week or so (I will be keeping my fingers crossed). The purpose of explaining all that is to warn you there will not be a Top Reader Posts post this week and other posts will probably be pretty intermittent if at all. In addition Moo and I took Hunter Education last week which was Monday through Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and we had our shooting test Saturday morning so I had no time to write scheduled posts.

Yes, I do have another laptop--it is so slow it makes Windows 95 look fast and that is saying a lot considering it is a Mac not a PC. (I totally just lost most people but for a select few I might have made them smile.) I also have a desktop PC but Moo has homework to do and it is in the office which doesn't have a TV and the Olympics are on with American Idol during the commercials. Such a rough life.

I will have recipes for some yum-yums and luscious goodies when I return.

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