March 10, 2010

Top Reader Posts - March 10

  • To get your crafty crap together in order to complete some of the crafts I have posted and will post in the future, Brown Paper Packages has a post about Stocking Your Crafting Pantry.
  • Here are some St. Patrick's Day ideas (better late than never) from How Does She?. This Pecan Wreath while featured for St. Patrick's day could be modified for other holidays/seasons.
  • The Nesting Place has Part 2 and Part 3 of 10 Minutes to a Room You'll Love reposted on her site.
  • Finally, here are some inexpensive ways to add character to your walls:
    • All Things Thrifty has a Tutorial: Making a Stencil. I will admit, the stencil she used looks like a pain to cut out but I really like the wall with the stencils on it. In place of the clear folder you could also use a stiff paper but I think the clear folder idea makes a better stencil.
    • Lolly Jane Boutique shows you how to make a Mind Your Manners sign. The text placed on the sign and the colors used could easily be modified to fit your living space.
    • Decor Mamma had the brilliant idea to Frame Up Tea Towels. Tea towels are often times very cute and many people don't like to "ruin" them by using them so this is a great alternative.
    • Two Crafty Housewives show you how to make a Multi-Purpose Display Board.
    • Brownpaper Packagescreated a Family Board. This could also be easily modified for a children's name, a family name, or some other meaningful phrase. Heck, get enough wood and letters, make the boards horizontal, and you could go around a child's room with "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

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