April 18, 2010

The Beds are Ready

PE and I spent yesterday getting our garden beds ready. First we had to go purchase vermiculite and peat moss. If you are interested in making this soil mix I have two words for you: Shop/Call Around. The vermiculite was around $25 at the first place we stopped and then I phoned the place we purchased from a couple years ago (remembering it was the least expensive at the time) and it was around $17 there. We purchased the three bags at the second place for the cost two bags would have been at the first place (exact same brand). The peat moss was also less expensive so we saved a decent amount by shopping around. PE wanted a fertilizer spreader and we saved $10 on that as well. Then we had a kind friend, Handsome Rob (A1's husband), who let us have the rest of the compost he had at his house. Had we purchased the truck load full from the city environmental department it would have cost between $20 to $30. So we had a good cost saving day.

PE and I mixed the Mel's Mix in three batches using a tarp. (My Square Foot Garden has detailed information on creating the mix.) We filled three 4x4x.5, one 3x3x.5, one 2x4x.5, three 1x1x.5, and three 1x1x1 beds. The 1x1x1 beds are for potatoes. I am trying get PE to make me two or three more 1x1x1 for carrots but his circular saw sucks and he is sick of it for the day. I don't have the seeds yet anyway so it isn't a big deal. We have some remaining Mel's Mix and compost I am sure we will find some uses for.

Moo and I also pulled weeds from flower beds and pulled out the dead foliage. I know a lot of people cut back the plants in the fall; however, I read that it helps protect the plant to leave the dead on during the winter. (Also, I was lazy last fall.)

Today PE fertilized the lawn and I planted peas. We have been working on cleaning up in the back yard and we are going to get the trampoline set up for the kids. Who knows what else he will think of for us to do. I guess I better get going to help him outside (boy that was a short break).

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