April 14, 2010

Top Reader Posts - April 14

Sorry about last week. While I had started a post the only thing I had done was paste the links I wanted to feature. That is the easy part so the labor intensive part of typing up the code (because I prefer that to using the compose tab when I type a post) can be blamed as to why you were left hanging last week.
  • There really isn't much rhyme or reason as to why this Cucumbers are Cooler than Yo Think post appealed to me. Maybe it is the fact that I enjoying finding new uses for everyday items. In the same vein, 10 Ways to Rese It - Plastic Milk Jugs is another example of new uses for everyday items.
  • I really enjoy the recipes provided on Mel's Kitchen Cafe and I really liked her post about Critical Ingredients and Simple Tips.
  • Another useful list for the kitchen is this Pantry and Freezer Staples post from Eat at Home Cooks.
  • Speaking of the kitchen, a guest post on Kitchen Stewardship about Kitchen Efficiency contains some great information and tips for making "your time in the kitchen more pleasurable". (Yes, I completely see how cheesy that line is. Why do you think I highlighted it here? I may enjoy baking/cooking but I would never (I mean NEVER) describe my time in the kitchen as pleasurable.)
  • Now onto a post that contains nothing about the kitchen. The Birdie Nests tutorial once agains shows how making some decorative item for your home does not have to be expensive.
  • This How to Mix and Match Fabric could be very useful for me. I believe you could apply the same principle to patterned paper as well. Normally, I just locate the paper/fabric that is located all together. Sure there are other fabrics/papers that would coordinate but would they really? That is what goes through my head. Is my sense of what coordinates accurate? I am going to go with not always. I think I luck out sometimes.

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