May 29, 2010

Sparky's Adventures in Agriculture - The Garden & Flower Beds

The garden is coming along. PE ended up making me three 1x1x1 boxes for potatoes which he promptly put some sprouting potatoes in and two 1x1x1 boxes for carrots. The potatoes have several sprouts showing up. I planted peas last month after we got the beds in and most of them have sprouted. I planted the first batch of two kinds of lettuce three weeks ago. I transplanted onions two weeks ago but I am reserving judgment on how that is going for a few more weeks. I also planted spinach and carrots two weeks ago. This week I planted soybeans, corn, and pole beans. I also transplanted my rosemary. Bob was excited for the planting and has his own sunflower, watermelon, and pumpkin that are all growing wonderfully. The watermelon and pumpkin will soon outgrow their current pots and luckily can go outside in a couple weeks.

Another addition to the "landscape" are a bunch of perennials from Jabba. She offered to give me starts (or whatever you get when you split plants that are getting too big for their area) from most of her plants as she cleaned out her flower beds this spring. So. . .for Mother's Day I told PE all I wanted was for him to get the beds in the front of the house cleaned out and filled with dirt. Presto chango . . . a few hours of him working in the yard and they were ready. A few hours after that Jabba and I were digging up plants and moving them to my yard.

I can't remember everything she gave me but the ones I do remember are Echinacea, Daylilies (peach), Black-Eyed Susan, Canterbury Bells (purple and pink), Shasta Daisies, and Iris (she actually gave these to me two years ago and they sat for a year in a bag in my back yard and were planted last year).

Now here is the part where I praise Jabba and her green thumb. That thing is brilliant. Her yard is always so gorgeous. I think after the addition of her last flower bed her yard is 1/3 flower beds if not more. (She would rather have flower beds than grass but she understands that would be no fun for her kids.) I really don't think she has ever met a plant she couldn't grow both outdoors and in.

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