June 24, 2010

It is Only the Beginning

Boy. . . KLB and I can sure have a good time together (this isn't news to me). Before the fun below could ensue we had to do some hard work at the local thrift store. Scouring shelves for the perfect combination of loveliness is really, really difficult. Really, it is. Don't believe me? Ask KLB.

Once we had the items collected we had to wait for a day when we could get together to work our magic. When the day finally arrived it started with some vinegar fun. Some of the items had stickers and others had a film so we used the vinegar to get them all cleaned and sparkling. With everything clean we were ready to assemble. The most difficult part of the whole thing was the aforementioned cleaning. The next part in line would be getting the tops centered on the bases. Some were easier than others but even the "difficult" ones were not really THAT difficult.

We felt very accomplished after getting them put together. We can't wait to get them displayed in our homes. BUT first we have to make some of those decorative balls I like to feature in my "Top Reader Posts". We started the process after making the lovelies below but I will wait until we are finished and present them all at one time.

The best part of this entire project? The price tag. Less than $20. Awesome! (If only you could hear me sing that.)


Hurricane Before




Hurricane After


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