June 7, 2010

Pictures. . . Pictures. . . Pictures

I am going to start putting pictures in my posts. They will be from my cell phone and they may or may not be modified (most likely not). I will label the posts with "SCP" for Sparky's Crappy Photos. Most photos will be a small part of the post

I was going to just type the above paragraph and leave it at that; however, I felt that was a little cruel (although very funny) even for me. So, here are two random photos from my phone for your viewing pleasure.

The first bloom on the Christmas Cactus start my mom gave me. Yeah, yeah, I know it isn't Christmas and it is blooming and I am going to embrace that and just assume that it dislikes holidays as well. (I often attribute feelings and thoughts to inanimate objects.) Why not bloom any time of year?
Christmas Cactus Bloom

The new kitchen faucet that replaced the old leaky one. I LOVE this faucet. I like the sprayer that has two options and does not require the push of a button for it to release. There is a heavy weight that hangs on the tubing that pulls it back up to the arch and a magnet that holds it in place. Best of all. . . it doesn't leak.
New Kitchen Faucet


  1. Love your new faucet! Very similar to MY new faucet. Not leaking is the best feature of mine as well, but it has serious classiness too.

  2. Yes, I agree. This is so much sleeker than the standard one that came with the house. One of my friends purchased the Oil Rubbed Bronze version--that has some serious class.