June 14, 2010

Sparky's Adventures in Agriculture - Container Herb Gardening

I have been wanting to have an herb (or a herb if you say it like my mom's friend Martha**) garden for years. I tried a few years ago with a kit but the seeds didn't sprout. Last year I purchased some herbs and planted them in my garden but some did not do very well and the ones that did survive the season were not cold weather tolerant. So this year I decided to make a container herb garden with the hope of having fresh herbs year round.

For the containers I found some square containers at the dollar store. Here is what they looked like when they arrived at my house.

Square Pot Before

I didn't love the color so I spray painted them and they now look like this.

Square Pot After

The color really does look better in real life. I used this Rust-Oleum Autumn Brown Textured spray paint I had left over from another project. (The paint is not gray as the above photo might indicate.)

Rust-Oleum Autumn Brown Textured spray paint
Rust-Oleum 241255 Textured Spray, Dark Brown, 12-Ounce

I only did one coat of paint and I am fine with that. The red undertones from the pot work well with the textured paint. This was my second foray into spray painting. The first was for a birthday gift for Jabba. Now that I am sharing Crappy Photos I could probably round those up for a little "before and after".

Now we will move onto what is going in the pots.
Thai Basil (I want a sweet basil too)
Coriander (Cilantro)

Here is a super crappy picture of some of them planted.

Square Pot Before

I will try to give updates as to if anything dies (the oregano might) or if I find one item easier to grow than another. (I say "try" because sometimes I forget and other times I lose interest and yet other times I am just plain lazy.)

**That would be Martha Stewart. My mom is on a first name basis with her. "Martha says this," and "Martha says that." She isn't Oprah for heaven's sake. Oprah never went to prison. Martha Stewart does have some excellent ideas or at least good ideas come with her name attached to them--you know she isn't the one writing EVERYTHING for her magazines, websites, tv shows, etc. Oprah does great things. They are each fabulous women in their own right. All I am saying is when I had a brief love for Rachel Ray she was still ALWAYS Rachel Ray when I referred to her.


  1. If your oregano dies, I have boatloads. I should dry some every year, but I never do. I also have a sinful amount of mint. It's spreading, in that way mint tends to do...

  2. Excellent. I will definitely keep that in mind because it really isn't looking so good. My cilantro looks like it wants to follow suit. Any chance you can help me with that too?