July 1, 2010

I'm Sorry, So Sorry

I mentioned to KLB the other day that I am going to be taking a break from the blog to get some data entry completed for work. She was very disappointed. While I know there are many bloggers out there that take more than two weeks off and are super good at getting their posts scheduled in advance, I am not that good. I was good a few weeks ago and had about 10 days worth scheduled but then due to the data entry I have fallen behind.

Before I go, I have to tout the wonderfulness of Google Reader again. I love it. Truly love it. You can read my tutorial on Google Reader here. I wholeheartedly admit it is not the best tutorial (heck it might not even qualify as a good tutorial) as there are no pictures. So, when I ran across this post in my reader, I had to share it. There are pictures. So if you haven't experienced Google Reader and all the glory that is/can be Google Reader, follow Erika's awesome directions and get yourself set up with a Google Reader account.

It really makes life so much easier. The best part is that when a frequently visited blog has a break in posts (ahem) as soon as the posts start coming again the post will appear in your reader preventing you from forgetting about them (sob). It will also save time. Not all bloggers take the time or have the opportunity to post that they will be away from their blog and since you have no notice you go back day after day (possibly multiple times) checking to see if there have been any updates. All that checking takes time. Maybe not a lot of time, but time none the less. Had the blog been in your reader all that needless time wasting could have been avoided (just saying).

I will return July 15. In between entering data I plan on making items (cookies, bars, who knows) for PE's coworker's brother who has been deployed to Afghanistan and sending it to him with some donated shelf-stable milk. I am sure I will try some other new recipes. Hopefully, I will also be completing the home decor balls project with KLB. I also have a couple other projects in mind and I will be sure to share SCP with you when I return.

Have a fabulous couple of weeks!

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