July 26, 2010

One of the Many Reasons. . .

I am not a home decor blogger. I am horrible and capturing those key moments in the making of an item. You know key moments such as umm. . .the before. I also miss the during. I am thinking I could get away with not capturing the during if I at least captured the before. I have three projects so far that I have no before pictures for. Not one. I am thinking I could use PhotoShop for one (maybe two) of them and make a before with minimal effort but that would be going against the entire essence of the "c" in SCP--if you need a reminder. . . that "c" is for crappy. So, I guess once I get around to posting the afters you will have to forgive that there are no befores.

Since I haven't even taken pictures of the afters for two of the projects I will share photos of two other items. I went to a group dinner with SS last week. At the dinner we exchanged cards (I made 16, I received 15 different cards back) and there was an altered 3D item swap too. For that we each placed our item on top of a card that was face down on the table. A card was then given to each of us and we received the item on the card that matched the card in our hand.

Here is my 3D object. Since I was on such a roll with decorative balls I figured I would carry that through to this project. Now KLB and SS want to make some glitter balls too. While the making was messy it was not difficult so I told them I could oblige. I made the glass hurricane from a vase and a candlestick that I purchased at thrift stores then glued together with E6000.
Swap - 3D Object
Here is a close up and description of the decorative balls. (If you can't read the labels, you can click on the image to see it larger.)
Swap - 3D Object
All of the balls in the hurricane came from one package of styrofoam balls I purchased at the dollar store.
Here is my lame ass card. We were supposed to use red, black, and white for the cards and it was to have a play on words. I made the sheep (even the feet) with punches. I then added some chunky glitter to the base in the hope of giving it a little fluffy look (I think I failed). I should take pictures of some of the other cards and prove to you how lame ass it really is. I really will do that since there were a couple pretty spectacular cards.
Swap - 3D Object
There you have it. That is what I have been up to the past week.

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