October 23, 2010

10 Things - October 23

  1. I dislike holidays.
  2. We are not religious so that makes us a little removed from the "true meanings" of Christmas and Easter. So if you don't have the religious ties or the tie to holidays in general. . .what's the point? Candy? Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter, Cadbury Balls for Christmas, Brach's Candy Corn for Halloween and Thanksgiving. . . While all are delicious, I don't think they are a reason to celebrate holidays.
  3. Although I (really it is PE and I) dislike holidays we do have some traditions. I don't mind the traditions especially if they are family traditions.
  4. We have a non-traditional Halloween acknowledgement (not sure it can really be called a celebration).
  5. I am okay with Thanksgiving so long as we can have some time at home and it isn't spent rushing around everywhere. Last year we even had a mini Thanksgiving the first part of December and I enjoyed prepping for that especially since it was only PE, the kids, me, and Nana. This post explains why that is best.
  6. Christmas . . . uggg. . . I think it is great to give gifts and not expect anything in return and I adore our family tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas and Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.
  7. Holiday decorating is for the birds but I participate in some of it because the kids like it. I might be more inclined to seasonal decorating partly because I am lazy--four seasons = four changes in decor.
  8. Antisocial and holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc.) parties don't mix. PE and I are both antisocial and it seems to be getting worse.
  9. I could possibly get more excited about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or National Bundt Cake Day than I do about the more traditional holidays.
  10. You can read more about my holiday issues in this post from last year.

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  1. You, my friend, are a trip! You and I think alike in many matters, and this is just one more! My idea of decorating for Christmas is to put out red candles. And Halloween--forget it. When the boy was little we carved a pumpkin every year. Now I view pumpkins as an ingredient for pie or compost.

    The best part of holidays is the homemade food really. Sticky cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. 'nough said.