October 9, 2010

New Feature -- 10 Things - October 9

This new feature will be bi-weekly on Saturdays. The 10 Things will more often than not have a theme and will give you glimpses into my world/crazy mind. (You really don't want any more than a glimpse at a time I promise.)
  1. Thanks to our respective coworkers PE and I were set up on a blind date.
  2. They tried to get us together six months earlier.
  3. I was told he was my "knight in shining armor."
  4. Cooking W. was ready to welcome him into the family after my retelling of the first date.
  5. I broke up with PE once.
  6. It lasted about a week.
  7. He got drunk and grabbed a girl's butt during that time.
  8. We both had no intention of getting married when it all began.
  9. That lasted less than six months.
  10. My dad told us he would kick both out asses if it didn't work out.

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