January 10, 2011

Naming a Mounted Animal is Stupid . . .

Those were the words out of PE's mouth the other night. "His name is Elmer. Naming a mounted animal is stupid so it might as well have a stupid name." What?!? He is the one that started the whole naming thing!!! Ask Moo, she was there.

KLB is set on his name being Ed; however, it is PE's mount (hee hee) so he can name it a stupid name if he wants to. Besides, Elmer Fudd was a hunter so it is a little humorous that Elmer was the hunted. (I see the humor.) Even more humorous is if we say PE is Elmer Fudd and he has given his first big mount (hee hee) his name. (How sweet! And even more hilarious.) Anyway, here he is. . . Elmer.

That picture has some minimal Picnik editing done to it and I am not positive you can fully appreciate Elmer's size, so here is the unedited photo.

Here is another angle. Can you appreciate the size of this thing?

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