January 16, 2011

Weekly Menu - January 16 through 22

We did pretty good with making most of the meals I planned. We have one dinner to catch up on but that just means there were fewer to plan this week.

The new to the blog recipes are recipes I have made before but have not posted. While it will not always be the case, the two this week are recipes I haven't made since I started the blog which seems a little crazy because the two below are a some of our favorites. I plan on having more of this type of recipe. Additionally I will be posting more recipes from books than from blogs. . . at least that is my hope. I have some great recipe books and magazines that I really need to spend some more time with.

The "Food" folder in my Reader was getting out of control and I found those were starting to be the last ones I looked at. I went through and unsubscribed from a lot of my subscriptions last week. My Bookmarked recipes was cut down significantly this week too. Not by my choice. I am actually a little upset about the whole thing. I went to bookmark a recipe in the Main Dishes - Beef folder last week and that folder (along with many others) was gone. GONE! After a little Swagbucks searching I found that Firefox Sync had some glitch in the last update and that is what happened to quite a few people. So, I have now gone back to Xmarks which I would have never quit using in the first place if there had not been notice that they were closing down at the beginning of the year due to lack of funding. Then they were acquired after I had deleted my account. While I can't pick up where I left off I can at least return to a more reliable bookmark syncing source than Firefox Sync.

Sorry about the tangent. I can get lost on those all too easily. . . it is all part of the crazy.

Dinner - Main Dish:
Chicken Curry (new to blog recipe)
Spinach Pie (new recipe)
Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (new recipe)
Pepsi Pot Roast (new to blog recipe)
Lazy Chiles Rellenos (new recipe)

Dinner - Side Dish:
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans (new recipe)
Baked Brown Spanish Rice (new recipe)
Steamed Asparagus
Mashed Potatoes

Glazed Peanut Butter, Banana, and Blackberry Muffins (new recipe)

Ketchup (didn't get them made last week)
Barbecue Sauce II (didn't get them made last week)

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