March 25, 2011

Crafty Crap - March 25

On Wednesday I spent the day with Jabba for her birthday. Instead of the usual sitting around and staring at one another we decided to be productive. I had some wreaths I wanted to make and while she was a bit skeptical she couldn't resist the $3 per wreath price tag I was offering up. Off to the dollar store we went where we found the items we needed (green wreath forms, coffee filters, Easter grass, and ribbon). We ate lunch and then started on the wreaths.

First up we made a Spring wreath using the Easter grass, green wreath form, ribbon, and hot glue. I am sure you will recognize the Dollar Store Easter Wreath I featured in Wednesday's Top Reader Posts.

There weren't really any directions so we sort of just winged it. We drizzled some hot glue on a smallish section of the wreath then grabbed a wad of the Easter grass and pushed it into the glue. We continued on that way and then went back around to make sure we didn't have any thin spots. We sort of just went with the flow. I would shake it off and on to shake loose pieces off. I would then pick up those pieces and add them to the next wad that I pushed into the glue.

For the ribbon we glued it on to the wreath form and put the grass around it (on the sides and a little toward the bottom curve of the front of the wreath). We made a bow and glued it on the front of the ribbon where there was an empty spot not covered by grass. Jabba is the best bow maker.

Spring Wreath

With the coffee filter wreath we started by gluing the ribbon to the wreath form. We then followed the directions from the Spring Wreath with Coffee Filters (another post from Wednesday's Top Reader Posts). I had pencils with silicone erasers and they worked wonderfully.

Coffee Filter Wreath

CAUTION: Hot glue is HOT. It will burn your fingers through the ribbon. Use something to help you push the ribbon on to the glue. Jabba burned her fingers when she was gluing on her ribbon and again when she was putting the bow on.

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