March 16, 2011

Top Reader Posts - March 16

Here are the links that caught my eye this week. Sorry it is late, I have been busy this week. That tends to happen when you can't locate important documents necessary for helping your daughter get her learner's permit. Okay, that alone is not why I am busy but the fact that I have a practically extinct filing system and couldn't locate the keys to the fire-proof safe did not help. I plan on using this post (and most likely the entire series) to help get my filing system back on track and up to date.

How it played out. . . .Took the safe to a local locksmith who for less than $5 opened the safe and made me two keys. (AWESOME!) I found all the documents. I also decreased my "to file" box by two grocery bags full of paper--mostly due to reading the links in the post I mentioned above. One step at a time.

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