April 2, 2011

10 Things - April 2

  1. We are going on a family vacation later this month.
  2. We have not been on vacation since I was pregnant with Bob.
  3. Just in case you need reminding. . . he is 6.
  4. We are going to a cabin in Oregon.
  5. We are getting there by way of California.
  6. One of PE's sisters lives there.
  7. We are excited to see her and her family in their element.
  8. We will then drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.
  9. We will go to the beach.
  10. According to Bob that is what you do on vacation.


  1. Im so happy for you. Vacations are awesome!! And to CA and the beach! SAWEEEEEET!

  2. You should go to the newport aquarium it is where they had free willy. It is about like Sea World but way cooler !!

  3. We are excited. We won't be in California very long but it will be fun to see family. Moo wanted to see the ocean that is the whole point of driving the PCH.
    The aquarium is a great idea! I had seen a couple mentioned and had it is one of my many ideas. I now have it on the itinerary. I think everyone would have a good time there. Thanks!