April 22, 2011

Crafty Crap - April 22

So this is only a minor craft crap item. It is my spice drawer. I use to keep my spices in the pantry on a cabinet turntable and in the door and on the shelves. Wherever they were placed. I tried and I tried to keep them organized. I would alphabetize them on the cabinet turntable but all it took was for PE or Moo to cook one time and that was all messed up. As seen below, this was my solution. I put them in jars and labeled the tops. I cut some ovals out of various patterned paper. No real rhyme or reason to it but I figured it might help locate the spices....just in case the alphabetizing wasn't enough.

The picture above, while blurry, provided a closer picture of the labels. The picture below provides a picture of the whole glorious drawer. Isn't it lovely?

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