September 16, 2011

Freezer Meal Group - August 2011

As in the previous months we once again had low numbers which meant we each made two meals. The two meals I chose to make were Foolproof Burgers and Garlic Lime Chicken. I made the Foolproof Burgers in last year for a freezer meal and you can read about it here if you would like. I have made them a couple times in between and every time we love them. They have such a good flavor. I have even started using a 9-grain bread we like in place of the white bread listed in the recipe and they are just as moist. We haven't eaten the Garlic Lime Chicken yet so I can't give feedback on that just yet. Once we eat it I will update the post.

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Foolproof Burgers
adapted from Jenny Mac’s LipSmack
Printable Recipe

1 large slice white or wheat bread, crusts cut off, broken into pieces
2 Tbsp milk
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 tsp black pepper
1 medium garlic clove, pressed through garlic press
2 tsp Simple Steak Sauce
3/4 lb 80% ground beef
3/4 lb 90% ground beef

In a large bowl, mix your bread pieces with milk. Mix with fork until it's a pasty slurry. Add your seasonings and Simple Steak Sauce. Mix. Add your ground beef and mix with a fork to keep your warm hands from melting the fat. If you are a 'hands-on' kinda person...go ahead. Form into patties. Keeping in mind that 4 - 1/2 lb burgers can be formed. (Smaller or larger burgers can be formed if desired.) **Important point....when ready to put the burgers on the grill make sure you put a 'dent' or a hole in the center of each patty this will prevent the burgers from swelling in the middle as they shrink in the cooking process.

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Garlic Lime Chicken
Printable Recipe

5 -6 lbs skinless chicken pieces
1/4-1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp Italian seasoning
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 lime, juice of
1 - 2 Tbsp white wine (optional)

Whisk together everything except the chicken in a large bowl. Add the chicken and toss to coat thoroughly. Let sit for 15 minutes. Toss again. Grill or broil quickly on medium-high heat until just barely done. Let sit for 5 minutes before serving. Note -- Cooking time may vary due to the specific parts chosen.

Freeze it in the marinade and grill when thawed.

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