November 9, 2011

Top Reader Posts - November 9

It's my least favorite time of the year. (Sang to the tune of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.") I dislike holidays in general but this particular time of year is the worst. Whoever decided Christmas music should be played before Halloween should be shot! I have to boycott stores when they get their Christmas on too early. I will avoid that section of the store completely. Which of course means I can't go down 1/4 of the isles in Hobby Lobby after July.

Even with my feelings as they are I still try to help others out by providing helpful gift giving ideas. I have still not come to terms with the whole thing yet so those links are relegated to the bottom of the post. Maybe after Thanksgiving they will earn a spot at the top. Even though I haven't come to terms with it I understand the importance of having the information now. If you are going to make something you need time. I highly recommend not saving it until the mid to later part of December. It just causes more stress. Not that I know about that from experience or anything.

Many of the ideas in the Gift Giving Ideas section could easily go in other sections and vice versa this is just my take on the links at this point in time. Enjoy!

Decor Links:

Miscellaneous Links:

Gift Giving Ideas Links:

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