February 10, 2012

Win, Lose, or Blog

I have been working steadily on my weight loss and health in general since mid-September. I had great weight loss through November and even managed to lose in December. Then came January. I sort of went off track a bit in January. I still lost but not like I had in previous months (45% less than my average over the previous five months to be exact).

The biggest change I know of is that I started drinking soda again while I was on vacation the last two weeks of December. I haven't stopped. I decreased my intake during January but it has increased again. I think I need to stop completely again and see if that helps get me back on track.

I especially want to get back on track because (here is the big news) I am one of eight contestants for Season 7 of Win, Lose, or Blog. I applied to be a contestant in hopes that it will help me get back on track and give me extra motivation when I am struggling. Reporting to a couple of my friends is one thing. Reporting to 300+ followers of the Win, Lose, or Blog blog is another. (I am a little nauseated thinking about it right now.)

The contest is for seven weeks and I have to report my weight via a picture of the scale numbers and my feet each Sunday. They will post percentages (loss or gain) on Tuesdays. (Thankfully not our actual weight.) In addition to reporting my weight they would also like me to post three times per week on my own person WLB blog they will setup. On the days I write there, I will post the same thing here.

My first post over on the WLB blog will be on Monday (February 13). I hope you will follow along as I try to become the "biggest loser" for this season of Win, Lose, or Blog! (Even if I am not the biggest loser I know the experience will be fantastic and all eight of us contestants will be better for it.)

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