February 21, 2012

WLB - Week 2 - Post 1 (Week One Weigh In Results)

Originally posted on my Win, Lose, or Blog blog when I was a Win, Lose, or Blog season seven contestant.

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Tomorrow I will get back on track with my posts about what I have been doing. I have to interrupt that flow to talk about the progress all the contestants have made. Together we have lost 33 lbs. That is awesome!!!! (GREAT WORK my fellow contestants!!!! You are all inspiring.)

Okay, so I am currently in 5th place but you know. . . .I am okay with that. I am still going to try harder this week but I can't complain about a 2% weight loss. I have been on this journey since September and I figure slow and steady is better than lose it fast and gain it back faster like has happened in the past.

Make sure you check out the Week ONE Weigh In! post and enter the mini contest.

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