February 24, 2012

WLB - Week 2 - Post 3 (Way Too Much Information About Me and My Clothes)

Originally posted on my Win, Lose, or Blog blog when I was a Win, Lose, or Blog season seven contestant.

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This is sort of a scattered post that doesn't flow very well but it covers the remainder of my conditional motivations and some of my issues with clothing.

In addition to the conditional motivation I mentioned in my previous post I have put conditions on purchasing clothing. First I put a dollar limit on what I could purchase; nothing over $20. I didn't feel good at the size I was. In turn no clothes I purchased made me feel that great so why spend a lot of money. Another condition I had was to only purchase items when I really needed them like when my thunder thighs finally wore holes in the inner thighs of my jeans. . . I really needed new jeans or when the inexpensive shirt I had suddenly had a hole in the front where everyone could see it, I really needed a new shirt. Other than when purchasing bras (sorry, can't skimp there even when they are buy one get one free) I have stuck to the dollar limit and necessity conditions for about three years now.

During that same three years I wore jeans most of the time. I work in an office where jeans really shouldn't be my first option for daily wear but jeans were pretty much my only option for those three years. As I grew out of or wore out the jeans/dress pants I had I would purchase jeans as the replacement because I wanted to get the most use out of them which included weekend wear. (My weekends do not include anything that requires dress pants.) Not to mention, dress pants usually cost more than $20.

I generally purchase items on sale (that is partly just me being frugal) but when purchasing out of neccesity, it sort of is hit and miss so discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx are my friends in my times of clothing need. Needless to say, the nicest clothing items I had in my closet were items KLB and her sister gave me last year for Christmas and my birthday. I should clarifiy they were the nicest items that fit. That has slowly been changing because I have been able to "shop" in my own closet. Have you ever been able to do that? It is AWESOME!

Fortunately I had saved my clothes from almost four years ago so I had clothes to wear once I lost some weight. (Oh boy . . . here comes some more "it all".) I was a size 22/2X (very close to 24) mid-September. In November I was able to start wearing some of the size 18/XL from four years ago. It was like I had a whole new wardrobe. Lucky for me my "style" isn't very trendy so what I wore four years ago will still pass muster now. Just last week I found a some black dress pants. I thought they were capris but when I went to pull down some other pants I knew had a hole in them, the black dress pants came with them and I found out they were pants. SCORE! I was very excited because they are nicer than the other black dress pants I had been wearing.

As I have been growing shrinking out of my clothes I have been piling them on the floor in my closet. Sure they are in the way a little but boy it feels good to see the pile grow as I shrink. In October I donated/discarded a couple bags of clothing. Those bags mainly contained clothes I hadn't worn for years for one reason or another and items with holes. Earlier this month I shrunk out of the jeans from November but they haven't joined the pile yet because they don't fall off too bad when I am lounging around the house.

In December I treated myself to some size 16 trouser jeans and a size L blouse (those items were still under $20 each and they were also the first items I had purchased since losing weight). On Monday I purchased some tops (all size L) that are a bit more fitted than I have been comfortable with but they look better than the big baggy shirts I had been wearing. I don't plan on purchasing any other items until I need size 14 bottoms and size M tops (not saying they will occur at the same time). When I get to that point it will be a serious need because after I am done with the 16/18 size bottoms I won't have anything left in my closet. I am a little sad about that because I have some cute warmer weather items and while it is awesome I am losing weight some of those cute items will be too big by the time it is warm enough to wear them. But again, it will be because they are too big and not too small so that is the accomplishment.

These clothing related conditional motivations have been great for me. I really enjoyed getting the new shirts this week. I also have loved seeing the change in the fit of my clothing such as wearing a shirt and it staying tucked in in whereas two months ago it would ride up above my fat roll. My necklaces have even started to fit better. . . yes, my neck was fat. These observations and the feelings I get when I notice them are totally worth the gross sweat.

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