March 14, 2012

Top Reader Posts - March 14

Seriously?! You would not believe the craziness I had with this post. When I typed it up I was in a hurry to get it posted and initially I had the date wrong (March 10) then I went in and corrected it to March 13 which I thought (when I was writing it) was Wednesday's date. Just this morning (Thursday) I realized I posted it on Tuesday. So then I went to change the date to March 14 and the post wasn't there. Lucky for me I subscribe to my own blog in Reader (is that a little sad?) so I was able to copy the source from what showed up in the Reader. I don't know when it disappeared or what the heck happened to it. I do know that KLB should have told me I was C R A Z Y on Tuesday when I texted her that I had posted it. Here are the links for this week.

Decor Links:

St. Patrick's Day Links (There is still time.)

Miscellaneous Links:

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