March 29, 2012

WLB - Week 2 - Post 4 (Support and Honesty)

Originally posted on my Win, Lose, or Blog blog when I was a Win, Lose, or Blog season seven contestant.

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I started making little changes (exercise and nutrition) on my own at the end of August. I was doing okay but felt I needed something a little more. Mid-September I was invited to join a small group of women who's mission it is to support each member with individualized weight loss efforts.

Since the group is structured it has been a supportive motivation for me more than just a support. To explain the structured part. . .
  • We had to take before pictures - front, side, and back. (Ummmm yeah. . . this was the most uncomfortable thing for me. I have not purposely had a picture taken of my lone self for years. YEARS! Sure there is an occasional photo where someone caught me off guard or where I posed very strategically in a group shot but other than that pictures of me are pretty nonexistent.)
  • We take updated pictures every three months. (This was still difficult but I stepped it up a notch and had two sets taken. I wore the same thing I had in the first set of photos and then I swapped out my big t-shirt for a body-hugging top for the second set. Wearing the body-hugging top made that set of photos as excruciating as the "before" pictures.)
  • We set monthly group and individual goals. (The group goals focus on a different area each month. The three areas we have focused on are nutrition, exercise, and mental health. The personal goals can be from any of those areas.)
  • We record our weight every Monday on an online form. (The form also has a graph so we can see how our weight has changed. I have really enjoyed watching the line have a steady downward trend.)
  • We are supportive of one another via a private Facebook page for the group. (On the Facebook page we mainly provide encouragement but we also post ideas for future goals, websites/blog posts we have found that fit within our groups goals, and anything else we want to share.)

This group has been great for me. I appreciate the support they provide and the responsibility of reporting to them makes me think twice when I am tempted to not work out or to purchase a bag of potato chips or package of Oreos. The initial shock (for lack of a better word) of having to share my weight AND full body photos with four other individuals was easily overcome by how supportive they were. Even though I have the most weight to lose (I am the reason the chart goes above 200) they have never once made me feel like the fat odd [wo]man out. [You women rock! Thank you for all of your support.]

I would be remiss if I didn't mention K2T2's roll in my success thus far. Having her as my health and wellness buddy has been fantastic. She helps keep me in check when I am thinking of straying from my goals. I, in turn, am able to do the same for her. We are extremely lucky to work in the same office area and to be friends outside of work. The friendship allows us to be honest with one another and give one another a kick in the ass when it is needed. K2T2's support is what has made the difference for me. Deciding to be completely honest with her about my weight, my feelings about my weight, my cravings, my food consumption, and my fitness is the best decision I have ever made with regards to my health/weight. [Thanks K2T2!]

Source: via Ami on Pinterest

Yes. . . we are THAT honest.

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