March 31, 2012

WLB - Week 3 - Post 2 (Week Two Weigh In Results)

Originally posted on my Win, Lose, or Blog blog when I was a Win, Lose, or Blog season seven contestant.

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Sorry for my absence. I was sick Monday and Tuesday then yesterday was my anniversary and I chose to spend the evening with my husband instead of writing blog posts.

First things first. . . I am in third place this week! I am pleased with that. I really need to push this week I want to get below 200. I don't care if it is even 199.8 on my Sunday weigh in. More would be better because then it would mean I was REALLY below 200 and not just a glass of water away.

Being sick on Monday and Tuesday wasn't very helpful because I didn't exercise but maybe the fact that I didn't hold onto my food will work in my favor. My appetite came back pretty good on Wednesday but I didn't over compensate for the emptiness so I think that is good.

I had a fitness assessment today (another free service provided by my employer) and I am excited to see how it compares to the one I had four months ago. I will talk more about that after I receive the results.

I will write more tomorrow. Have a good evening.

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