April 4, 2013

Such a Liar

Well. . . it started going better and then it sort of went back to the way it was and then it wasn't good but in a different way and now I guess it is all just. . . there.

I am trying to get to a different, possibly better, place but it isn't a quick fix especially since I don't know what the hell I need to do to "fix" it. Until the point in time when I want to fully claim all that I am, I just shouldn't make any promises one way or the other regarding what I will or will not get accomplished both here and in my life in general.

That being said, I am hoping to get caught up on all of my freezer meal posts. Why those? Because they are relatively simple and I don't have to write extra fluff to go with them. Also, preparing freezer meals each month is pretty much one of the only consistent things I have been doing over the past year. No matter what else changes in my life I always need to feed my family or at least provide things for them to prepare.

That is all I have in me at this time so until next time (hopefully sooner than six months from now) enjoy the freezer meal recaps.

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