July 1, 2009

Notable Blogs and Websites

So many times you see a list of blogs on a site that you frequent and in order to get a taste of why the blogger likes these other sites you have to go visit them. So you visit the site and the post that day is lame and you think to yourself, "Do I need to rethink my love for *insert blog writer's name here*? She (all mine are currently shes) reads this lameness?" So, before you even visit the site I want to give you an idea beforehand and you can maybe make the lame call before ever having to visit the blog.

c jane enjoy it
I started reading Courtney's blog when I stumbled upon a link last September on another site. The link took me to Courtney's blog where she was chronicling her sister's recovery after she (Stephanie Nielson aka. Nie Nie), her husband, and family friend were in a plane crash. I highly recommend visiting her site and reading the details. There are very tender and touching posts but in the face of the tragedy Courtney was still able to share her humor and wit. In addition to reading about Nie, I also read the archives.

Cooking Tip of the Day
Linda provides many useful tips for cooking. Her site is a great resource for novice and experienced cooks alike.

Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing
I enjoy grammar. I like trying my best to use correct grammar and while I fail miserably many times in my trying but I never lose my enthusiasm for learning new tips and tricks. I subscribe to the podcast and the daily tips

How to Cook Like Your Grandmother
Drew subscribes to the philosophy of cooking from scratch. He mainly avoids processed foods. You can sign up for his "Starting from Scratch" online course that walks you through some basics.

I'm an Organizing Junkie - Living a Life of Simplicity and Order...
I really try to be organized and in some areas I succeed while other I fail. I am okay with that. This site is great at providing ideas and tips to help me be more organized.

Just a Girl
I love what Chris does with everything she touches. I have many projects on my list that Chris's information will help me accomplish. One such project is painting my exterior doors. I want to paint them black. Chris painted hers black and posted the information for the paint she used.

My Kitchen Cafe...tried-and-true from my kitchen to yours...
Honey Lime Enchiladas - You HAVE to try this recipe. Melanie provides many delicious recipes and I have MANY of them bookmarked. I have not been disappointed by any of the recipes I have tried.

My Tasty Treasures
This blog is only for those who don't mind a little naughty talk with their recipes. I found Donna's blog less than a month ago and I usually receive a pretty good laugh when reading her posts. I recommend reading her posts and if one offends you just skip the post and go to the link to the recipe at the bottom.

Nesting Place - It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.
"The Nester" makes me think I could actually make some "window mistreatments" or possibly a new dust ruffle for my bed because like Nester I do not sew and if she can do it then I can too. . .maybe. Nester also offers great information on "staging" a house if you are getting ready to sell your home. Heck, some of the tips could be useful to just help you spruce up and enjoy your home a bit more.

NieNie Dialogues
As mentioned above I discovered NieNie after her accident while her sister was maintaining her blog. During the last part of Stephanie's recovery readers wrote in with their favorite posts and I really enjoyed them. Both NieNie and c jane enjoy it have wonderful, vibrant photographs that make the post reading experience that much more enjoyable.

Nutrition Diva - Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous
From the same site as Grammar Girl this is a great site for learning about nutrition related items such as how much water should you be drinking and are organic foods really worth the cost.

The Pioneer Woman
Need I say more? I have not met a person that does not LOVE Ree. I first strictly read her food posts; however, after reading "Black Heels" the story of Ree and Marlboro man's courting and marriage I now subscribe to the Pioneer Feed. She gives photography tips, homeschooling tips, and her recipes are FANTASTIC. She has the best directions with wonderful, mouth-watering photos.

Tasty Kitchen - Favorite Recipes from Real Kitchens!
This is a recipe sharing site started by the beloved Ree from Pioneer Woman. That one fact alone makes me love it.

Thrifty Decor Chick - Sharing simple, inexpensive ways to decorate your home.
Sarah really has some fantastic ideas for repurposing items and if you like beadboard and molding then Sarah is your gal (you must read about her island transformation). Even if those aren't your things she has many more useful tips. She spray painted a lamp shade which in turn gave it a whole new life. Go visit.

Tip Junkie - Find Tips. Share Ideas. Shop.
Laurie provides useful tips on a plethora of topics from gifts (handmade, teacher, etc.) to decorating. Different posts from around blog land (yes, I know blogosphere or whatever is the term most people use, but I am not most people) are linked to within the posts so you get exposure to many wonderful blogs and great tips too.

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