July 1, 2009

A Note . . .

Why "under wraps" an explanation:

I thoroughly enjoy finding new items to make from scratch and providing delicious food for my family. But when I share with coworkers what I made over the weekend (because they asked) they tend to call me "domestic". I don't want to be known as domestic and it doesn't really get any better when they add "diva" to it. Sparky the domestic diva. Just. Not. Right. On the flip side, it has also been said, "That surprises me coming from you. You don't seem like the type." Now, that is what I like to hear. I know, I know if I enjoy it why do I care what people call me. I just do. I don't like being normal, average, predictable. I don't mind being known as weird, strange, etc. I like being the little spark (in whatever regard) in my friends' and family's lives. Not to mention, my sister TOTALLY has the domestic diva area cornered.

This note helps explain the title of the blog. I had a blog in the past and posted regular, everyday information. But really, who cares about my boring day at work and my routinely boring life when I am not at work? I did not want to expose my friends, family, and anyone else to the boringness that is my life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life. It is just sort of randomly boring. My boring existence led to spans between posts because there really was nothing blog worthy. Which led to me deleting that blog.

For some reason I did not want to write about the crafty crap I do. (Just to set it straight from the start, I do NOT SCRAPBOOK! I am VERY passionate about that point. Not one thing I have created has EVER had a photo involved.) I make cards and give them as gifts and donate them to the troops. I make personalized birthday calendars for some of my friends and family for Christmas.

I enjoy the frugal things (especially in the kitchen) in life. Homemade food, cleaning products, remedies, etc. are all things I enjoy making and sharing with some of my friends and my family. I love saving money by using these products and I am more than happy to share the information with anyone interested. Yet, while I enjoy it I did not want to share that information on my previous blog. I didn't think my boring life went with the frugal and crafty life yet all of those aspects are what make me who I am.

Everything I do is sort of "under wraps" from many of my friends and while I can, will, and am sharing it all with complete strangers there are friends I would never tell about my "domestic" side. (Ick, I really dislike that word.) So, for now at least,I will keep that side of me under wraps.

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