October 27, 2009

I Hate When That Happens

Not that this is breaking news or anything but, I am a dimwit. I have been thinking my last set of cards is due November 17 so I wanted to get them mailed by November 10. Well, today (thankfully) I read the date again and it is November 7. How on earth have I been reading a 1 into that date every time I have read it for the past three or four months? Answer--I. Am. A. Dimwit.

Due to my dimwittedness I now have to complete those 54 cards in addition to wrapping up the swap I hosted. Oh yeah, about that. . . I should be finished with that but I had a flaker and in an A to Z Swap that doesn't go over very well. It isn't an A to Z except for B, C, E, and R Swap (because yes, the flaker had four spots). So with all the joys of recipe card making I am going to be having this week, I won't be having as much fun in my kitchen. Yes, the kitchen can be fun.

The good news for you recipe hoarders out there - I can't avoid cooking on Saturday. That is A1 and I are having our annual Octoberish party (ish because last year it was in November). Again, don't go thinking it is more than it is. Our families get together and we eat. The most festive thing about it is the pumpkin shaped bread bowls I usually purchase. This year I am making the Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowls along with Clam Chowder, a Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball, and Crispy Rice Candy Corn Treats. I know PE will help with the Clam Chowder (the best Clam Chowder EVER, seriously we tried many recipes last year and we will not be trying anymore) and I bet Moo would be happy to help with the desserts. That only leaves the Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowls for me. I will post all of the recipes after Saturday and most likely after I get all of the cards finished.

I do have a recipe from dinner last night and PE is going to help me use the black beans and enchilada sauce tonight so I will have that recipe. I can probably get something posted later tonight. Wish me luck with that.

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