October 11, 2009

I. Made. Butter.

It is SO easy. No joke! All it takes is whipping cream and a stand mixer (I use a Bosch like this*. Salt, garlic salt and garlic, or honey can be added depending on the type of butter you want to make. We added salt as that is the type of butter we normally purchase.

*I really like my Bosch Universal Mixer; although, I have a little mixer envy going on because Cooking W. has the NEW Universal Plus. You can read more about both of them here.

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Homemade Butter
from Sparky
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Pour the whipping cream in the stand mixer. Turn it on and let it run until the cream starts to yellow. Once the cream starts to yellow add salt, honey, or garlic and garlic salt to taste depending on the flavor of butter you would like. Continue to mix until the butter separates from the buttermilk. Make sure to place a towel over the mixer (or use the lid if the mixer has a lid) because once it turns to butter the buttermilk will splash up. Once you have removed the butter from the buttermilk rinse the butter with water till the water runs clear. The best way to do this is by squishing it with a wooden spoon until all the liquid comes out of it. Replace the cold water 2-3 times as you clean it. Squeeze the excess water out of the butter and shape it with your hands. The buttermilk left on the butter will turn rancid and your butter will then also go bad if you don't "clean" the butter.

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I feel a tad bit lame for how excited I am over making butter but seriously it was cool enough to me that I don't care what any of you think.

I also made Grape Jelly, Grape Juice, and Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits. I will post those recipes in a bit.

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