November 24, 2009

Top Reader Posts - November 25 (One Day Early)

This week's Top Reader Posts is a day early because I know a lot of people who are going to be traveling or cooking on Wednesday.

Rachel over at Small Notebook for a Simple Home has a wonderful post about The Lost Rule of Organizing. I know when things are organized my life runs smoother; however, I oft times feel guilty for calling it good when I know I could do better. After reading this post, I will no longer feel that guilt.

I am so glad I found Frugal Home Ideas. Stephanie has some great, inexpensive ideas such as the No Sew Roman Shades. My favorite post so far is the What?!?! You Wallpapered Your Bedroom post. I am going to do this in my house. I know exactly where I am going to do it to. (No more details than that because this is about the posts in my reader, not the crazy ideas in my head.)

The post, What To Do When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything provided by Sherri has some great ideas as to why you may be feeling that way and how to get back on track. The Serene Journey site has some great ideas for decluttering and organizing in addition to happiness and family.

I don't sew. I don't really want to sew. I am fine with Moo learning to sew and PE sewing his own buttons. I do plenty of other things they can't which helps me be okay with this. BUT if I did sew, I would make some of these very clever, very thrifty pillows featured in Holly's Thrifty Gifty #1--Repurpose Clothing as Pillows post over at Homebody. Who would have thought to do that? Holly. . .that's who. I think I might have to share the idea with Moo and see if she might want to take on such an endeavor.

Blue Cricket Design Has an alternative to many of the large advent/countdowns to Christmas I have featured. Rebecca's 25 Days of Christmas Count Down is small and can be placed almost anywhere. Rebecca provides a list of items needed to make the count down and even has a file to download that makes it even easier.

As I share ideas I read about I often hear, "How do they find the time to do that?" Most times I don't have an answer, but this time Sarah from Clover Lane provides tips on what she does to get it all done. In her Clean and Fresh she talks about how she gets her painting done and all the little projects she finally finished up. (I love the chalkboard.)

If you follow a meal plan or want to start, Amy over at The Red Chair Blog shows you how to Make Your Own Meal Planning Magnets. I like the idea and would do something like this other than I haven't been making very many of the same meals because I have been trying to make a dent in my bookmarked recipes.

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