November 24, 2009

100 Posts in Just Over 100 Days

109 days to be exact. Not too shabby. Now if I had something cool for this post. I don't. All I have is a preview of upcoming posts. First I have to post about some meals I have made since last week and then I have new recipes I am making for Thanksgiving.

I have started doing some serious work on the calendars so I haven't been doing much cooking/baking. Before I started calendar stuff, I made Cinnamon Rolls (recipe in upcoming post) last Monday. Baked half of them on Monday and finished baking them on Friday--they were just as delicious on Friday as they were on Monday. Tuesday PE made Game Bird Soup with dumplings (no recipe). Very similar to the Chicken Soup he throws together but with pheasant, chukar, and whatever other birds he shot in place of the chicken. On Wednesday we ate Tacos and Thursday we ate PB&Honey (guessing you don't need recipes for either of those). We made Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup on Thursday. Moo made Pizza for her and Bob on Saturday while PE and I went out. Then finally on Sunday I took a bit of time and tried my hand at making Mayonnaise again and this time I succeeded. I also made a delicious Creamy Leek Sauce (recipe in upcoming post) that everyone enjoyed. Last night we had French Toast (again no recipe).

The most exciting part of this post (for me anyway) is the list of what I am going to make for Thanksgiving. We are going to PE's sister's house and I guess the gods smiled down on PE's dad because all seven children (and families) are going to be present. Anyway, I will be making Sweet Potatoes, Petite Corn with Wild Rice, Cream Cheese Cranberry Cake, and Honey Butter. After visiting with his family we will be going to Cooking W.'s to visit my small family. It will be a good day.

Sorry I didn't have a more exciting 100th post. Maybe 200 will be more exciting. Doubtful, but maybe.

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