December 2, 2009

Top Reader Posts - December 2

  1. This site is hilarious! I think anyone who has spent any time in Utah, knows someone from Utah, or has even heard of Utah (that should be everyone as it is one of the 50 states every child sings about in fifth grade. . . "Fifty nifty united state. . . ") will find something funny on The Utah Baby Namer site. While a lot of the site is dedicated to baby names there are links to some other funny topics as well.
  2. Over at Top Secret Recipes you can obviously find top secret recipes. All the recipes I have tried (ketchup, barbecue sauce, mayonaise) have all turned out great and I make them regularly. There are quite a few free recipes and others you can purchase as well.
  3. Mikael over at Starter Home to Dream Home has a Possibilities of Ornament Balls post that might help get those holiday decorating creative juices flowing.
  4. Shanty 2 Chic has done it again. Ashley created a Candy Cane Display that forgoes the traditional red and white for twine and white.
  5. So, I sort of suck and I didn't save the links (yes, two links I did not save) for a great family tradition you could start. Two bloggers posted about reading a Christmas story each night leading up to Christmas Eve. Each book is wrapped and placed into a basket--this eliminates bickering among the children as to which book should be read AND makes it so all the less favorite books aren't left for the end. One of the bloggers purchases a new book each year, wraps the new book in different paper, and reads that book Christmas Eve. She currently has 11 books (including the new one) so her family will start reading Christmas stories on December 14 and will end with the new book on Christmas Eve. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea. I don't really want to wrap all of the books but they claimed it took less than 30 minutes to wrap the books. I guess I could do that, I think Bob would really get a kick out of it. (If I find the posts I will update.)
  6. Following up with this post from November 18. Melissa provides another Candle Hurricane tutorial in her Glass Candle Hurricane: Park Avenue Edition.
  7. If you are interested in making freezer meals, Jessica provides you with a list of freezable items via her Freezer Cooking: What Can You Freeze? post over at Life as Mom.
  8. Debbie at Virtually Organized has put together a post on how to Put Paper in its Place!. While many people may not need help with this, I do. Even though I know the information and years ago had a system similar to what she describes, it is great to be reminded.

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