December 9, 2009

Top Reader Posts - December 9

  1. Jessica (aka fishmama) over at Life as Mom has a guest post from Mandi that tells you all about The Power of a 15 Minute Blitz. At this high-stress time of year where unexpected guests are frequently stopping by with very little notice those 15 Minute Blitzes could be a life saver. If you would like even more help with Holiday Housekeeping go read Org Junkie's post at Blogher.
  2. Whitney and Ashley are hosting a Rust-Oleum Revamp Party over at Shanty 2 Chic. I am getting some Rust-Oleum for Christmas and going to town on the ugly brass fixtures in my house. Watch out fans, door knobs, cabinet handles, etc. I might even take pictures.
  3. Annicole from Our Suburban Cottage has a tutorial for making a Vintage Paper Chain for your Christmas tree or anywhere you might want to hang a paper chain.
  4. Over at U Create Kari has a list of her Favorite Ornament Tutorials. There are some pretty cute ideas listed.
  5. Kimm at Reinvented shares her ideas for adding touches of holiday color to rooms in your house in her Trash to Treasuer Tuesday - The wrrapping Paper Edition post. She features some great ideas from her house. At the bottom of the post are a bunch of other projects from her readers.
  6. Sara and Kate have some great ideas for Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen over at Our Best Bites.
  7. Since I am gearing up for my holiday baking, Shaina's Your Holiday Baking Checklist: Simplifying the Sweet post over at Complete Organizing Solutions came at the perfect time.

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