March 17, 2010

Top Reader Posts - March 17

  • This post may be titled Spring Time Wall Art but the idea could be used for any occasion.
  • Just a Girl has done it again with this Painting Furniture tutorial.
  • For spring/Easter decor you could make this Jelly Bean Topiary with a wreath to match, these Easter Candy Inspired Eggs, or this Egg Wreath (there are two more tutorials as well).
  • I am going to paint SOMETHING in my house with chalkboard paint SOMEDAY. I don't know what or when but I am going to do it and this post with directions on making Chalkboard Tins makes me think that SOMEDAY might be coming sooner than later. Who doesn't have some miscellaneous tins lying around. Think of those big popcorn tins people (not me) give for gifts. Paint one of those and store toys in it and write on the tin what it contains. Or heck, store chalk in a smaller one and the kids can write on it wherever they want. Oh the possibilities. I have about five or so old Christmas tins that would work wonderfully for this.
  • Several friends of mine (several of my friends?) are ribbon whores. This post feature is for them. It is all about Adding Custom Detail with Ribbon. If the ribbon is used in home decor it will be seen by you and everyone else and not hoarded away in a drawer. You hoarding ribbon whores anyway. . .
  • Garage sales will be starting up soon (I drove by a Rummage Sale yesterday) so while the title in this ...Ten Best Flea Market Finds specifically says Flea Market you could use the same tips when looking through garage sales or your local second hand stores.

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