April 21, 2010

Top Reader Posts - April 21

  • Tomorrow is Earth Day so why not celebrate by making a Recycled Plastic Bag Wreath. Most people have a bunch of these filling some box/bag/hole in their house. Pull them out and make this great wreath and then start using those reuseable bags. Or you could make some cute Recycled Container using some patterned paper. Yet another idea is to use old cardboard boxes and fabric (I would use patterned paper) to make some Storage Boxes. I think these would be great for hiding junk items in Moo's room. She could house all of her junk treasures in the boxes. (The angels just sang a little as that came to my mind.) See. . .you are not only doing your part by recycling but you could be making some cute home decor while you are at it. If this isn't your cup of tea simply give the recycled items to your mom for Mother's Day. . . it will be like when you were younger and she had to tell your stuff was cute.
  • It is getting warmer outside and time to start planting your gardens and flowers. This Container Planting post might give you some great ideas for some new ways to plant some of your old favorites. You could use this Decorating Pot with Jute tutorial to spruce of the containers.
  • Ree has made a Homemade Ingredients category on the website. They have some great recipes there. I was so excited to see this category added. I have already added quite a few items to "My Recipe Box" on the site.
  • You are all aware of my chalkboard fascination. Well this "New Arrival" does not help decrease that at all. Come. On. 24 Colors?! Now I can color coordinate the chalkboard too? It is almost too much. The price is a deterrent but maybe one day I will be able to justify it.

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