April 22, 2010

A New Look

This is my 200th post. What do you do? Well if you are me, you give your blog a new BRIGHT look. I really adore the original colors and I am sure I will return to that look but since I didn't have any other ideas for the 200th post I figured I would change up the colors. I came across these colors last month about the same time I noticed I was nearing 200 posts. . . the seed was planted. I have gone back and forth between changing the colors for the 200th post or waiting and changing them for the one year mark. Evidently I decided on this. I also thought I would share 20 off the wall things. (I'm really reaching here.)
  1. PE and I met via a blind date.
  2. Neither of us wanted to get married again.
  3. We were married within six months.
  4. We couldn't be happier.
  5. My dad threatened PE with an ass kicking if our marriage didn't work out.
  6. PE and I played a joke on his coworkers six weeks after we started dating. We told them we eloped. They believed us.
  7. During that joke is when PE became S. Hubby and I became C. Wifey.
  8. S. Hubby and C. Wifey are inside jokes because we truly think those names rate up there with Sugar Buns, Sweetie Pie, etc. (We don't like them.)
  9. PE and I have "pet" names for one another that most would find offensive. (I am not going to tell you what those names are.)
  10. While Bob is not his real name, that is what his name is on the cement slab my mom had poured while I was pregnant.
  11. On that same slab Moo's real name is misspelled. . . Nana didn't know how to spell it.
  12. I just got stuck while writing this list.
  13. I'm still stuck.
  14. I dislike it when people refer to me as domestic (even when they add goddess to it).
  15. I don't like Betty Crocker any better.
  16. I love Dexter and Weeds.
  17. I am still ticked they killed Rita.
  18. I have a serious guttermind.
  19. I want a rabbit to use the poop for compost. PE said, "No."
  20. I want a goat for getting rid of weeds. PE said, "No," to that too.
So there you have it. . .my lame attempt at celebrating 200 posts.

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