August 17, 2010

JOIN ME -- Operation Baking GALS - Round 23

I am finally the leader of my own team for Operation Baking GALS. The team name is Team Milk & Cookies. PE works with the soldier's brother and the CEO of the company has offered to donate milk (shelf stable) to go with the treats the members of my team sends. So far two lovely individuals have signed up to be on my team and I would love for some of you to sign up too.

If you want to "do" something but you do not want to bake, the troops can always use the basics such as socks, deodorant, Gold Bond powder, etc. or they enjoy receiving jerky or hot sauce/other condiments to help those MRE's (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) have a little more flavor. Books are another option. (If I remember the story correctly, K1's brother's troop passed around the Twilight saga while he was deployed. A soldier would read a chapter and then pass it on until they had all read that chapter and it continued going around like that until everyone had read the entire book.) Cards are another great option. Being as they are deployed in a dessert, cute little shops aren't around the corner when a birthday comes up or a baby is born back home. By providing them with a variety of cards it makes it easier for them to send their thoughts to those back home. Truthfully, any items mailed will be received with the greatest of appreciation.

From the Operation Baking GALS website:
Baking GALS (GALS stands for Give A Little Support) is a group of volunteer bakers from around the country who bake and ship homemade goodies to our heroic military men and women who are currently deployed in a war zone. Our goal is to show our support and send a little bit of home to remind them that we appreciate all that they do for our freedom.

The website has an informative FAQ's page that answers many questions; however, if you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them.

I hope you join me!

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