August 14, 2010

Babies and Books

I am trying to get a few †hings finished up. I have a baby shower I am finishing a gift for and while I am at it I am making double so I can get a gift sent to K2. I had such a difficult time deciding what to make for K2's baby girl that I had resigned myself to getting something to her before the baby was born in October. Then A1's baby shower came up so I figured I would get them both finished at one time. In addition to that my cute friend SS has written a book and I finally get to help edit it so I have to get that completed as well. I will be back as soon as I catch up. If I don't post before Wednesday you can still count on Top Reader Posts (KLB that is for you).


  1. You better! I can't live without your posts!!!! Ha Ha Ha

  2. I check back everyday...just to make sure and NOTHING!!!!