March 11, 2011

Crafty Crap - March 11

It seems that if I make a feature out of something I actually post. (Did you notice I had come to that conclusion? If not maybe you need to pay better attention.) This new feature will be Crafty Crap that I have made or will make. To start out it will be biweekly but hopefully I will get more accomplished as the weather warms up. If I surprise myself and I have more to post than I thought I will definitely give you extra Crafty Crap posts.

First up we have some glitter frames at least that is what I call them. More accurately they are framed glitter letters. Ever since I saw this post over at eighteen25 I have wanted to make some. If you remember I don't like to decorate for holidays. . . I prefer seasonal decorations.

For winter I went with BRR. Here's my process:
  • Purchased dollar store frames (I don't recommend this they are real flimsy and don't all sit the same. I hope to purchase some better ones from Wally World soon.)
  • Purchased the letters and white craft paint at Hobby Lobby. (Both items were on sale for $.99 each.)
  • Found some snowflake paper and iridescent glitter in my stash.
  • Painted the letters.
  • Cut the paper to size and placed it in the frames in front of the glass while the paint dried.
  • "Painted" the letters (one at a time) with glue.
  • Sprinkled the glitter very generously over the letters.
  • Pressed down on the glitter to help it adhere to the letters.
  • Dumped the extra glitter off.
  • Adhered the letters to the paper.
  • Then had the thought that I should spray them with a clear coat to keep the glitter from falling off. (Too little too late.)

Yet another example of Sparky's Crappy Photos!

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