March 12, 2011

Garden Happenings - March 12

Starting this week and going until mid to late summer I will post biweekly about our garden. Last year I sort of mentioned our garden and I even took a couple photos but that is where it ended as far as the blog was concerned. I contemplated not having a garden this year but then there was all the talk of the increase of vegetable prices, so I figured it would be for the best if I gave it a go.

I know what you are thinking. . . .it is MARCH!!! What do you mean your garden?! Well. . . now (actually February in some instances) is when you should start thinking about your garden. It is the time for starting some seeds indoors and planning the layout.

Last year that is exactly what I was doing. This year, I am not so sure. The whole seed starting thing didn't end so well for me. They all started beautifully but then it went south about four weeks in. Four weeks in is about three weeks from being finished so that was a little discouraging. Luckily a local greenhouse had great prices on plants I could transplant into my garden. Those plants did great. (My sister always starts many plants from seed and they all work out just fine so use her as an inspiration if you need one. I can give you more to go on for that inspiration if needed.)

If you went and looked at the My Square Foot Garden website
when I posted about it last year you could have been receiving the helpful emails like I have. I would have not had a thought one way or the other about my garden yet, but that first email got my mind a workin'. I have started my garden plan and have been thinking back to what grew and what didn't.

I most assuredly will NOT be growing any squash. This makes me sad as we love squash. But I have had my fill of those damn squash bugs. They are SO disgusting. Fist off they are hideous looking but to make matters worse, when they feel threatened they emit a stench too. It was too much for me last year. I did my best for awhile and would try to brush the eggs off but then they would squish and it would gross me out so I started ripping that part of the leaf off (real healthy for the leaf/plant....not so much). And killing the adults was a whole other matter. Ick. So, I will not be growing anything they like in the hopes that next year maybe I can grow some squash without having them along for the ride. In case you forgot how hideous they are. . .

I have been using square foot gardening for several years and I love it. I highly recommend you give it a try if you are interested in having a garden. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. I have a friend here in New Mexico and her husband goes out with their Shopvac and just vacuums up the bugs, but yes they are nasty!!!