March 13, 2011

Weekly Menu - March 14 through 19

Wowser we really did not do very good with the menu plan this week. As in we made two items off the list.

Moo was gone to Driver's Education class from 5:30 to 9:30 Monday through Thursday and for whatever reason that sort of threw us off. Then on top of that PE was not feeling well one night (tomato soup with grilled cheese), I was gone another night (cheese on tortillas and cereal), then we had dinner at my mom's house with my Auntie C. who was visiting from Virginia yet another night (pulled pork sandwiches, corn pudding, coleslaw, banana pudding--all prepared by Auntie C.).

Needless to say many of the meals are carried over from last week.

Dinner - Main Dish:
Meat Sauce with Angel Hair Pasta
Freezer Meal
Stroganoff Melts
Corned Beef with Cabbage
Chicken Jambalaya (from PE's family cookbook)

Dinner - Side Dish:
Steamed Green Beans

Oreo Cupcakes (new recipe for K1's birthday)

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